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I have just been accepted into an English speaking university in Germany mainly using the IELTS you gave me on this site. I already had a German language certification, but asking for one of the English language was really too much. I preferred to look for another way and obviously, I was not mistaken. Thank you very much.

Honey Romaric


My brother and sister whom I recommended were really proud of me because they were finally able to get their passport even faster than me who got mine on this site about a month ago. Thank you. I really respect your work. I would even say that you readjust some inequalities of humanity. And besides you are so polite.



A European residence permit in 5 days, it’s really unheard… It helped me a lot, thank you.



A driver’s license in 5 days is really effective, plus I really liked the conversation with the member of your team with whom I came into contact. We did not just talk about the document I wanted, but really about everything. We really cause as if we had been friends for a long time. All this really made me feel good. Thank you really

Nicole Peterson


I really cannot believe that I just got a Belgian identity card, I’m finally Belgian. A pleasure that I thought far away



Thank you, for the passport I received via this site. I am really happy … I can finally travel in this country in peace and even travel abroad as an Italian citizen. I now have access to all destinations that any normal Italian can join in peace…


Health Personel

A driver’s license has less than 800 euros, that’s really interesting. If it did not happen to me, I would never have believed, it’s really great. I have a friend whom I intend to recommend to you, I owe you that.



Thank you for helping me at acquire the most powerful passport in the world. With my German passport, I can finally go quietly visit my family members around the world and can find employment in one of these countries because it’s really boring here.

Mensa Joseph

IT Personnel

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